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Patron and Founder Chairman’s Note

‘I foresee Megha as the region’s medical hub soon’ I share with you all happiness from the depth of my heart as we celebrate the 12th anniversary of MeghaHospital. The sapling planted as a 30-bed nursery has now grown into a 100-bed multi-speciality medical institution offering the best possible health care to patients from Nepal and abroad. It gives me pride that Megha’s accomplished doctors and allied staff have managed to create a haven for healing and relief to the country’s ailing and suffering. Gone are the days when even the slightest of medical complications sent our people rushing abroad for treatment. Megha, I proclaim, has emerged as the hospital of choice in Lalitpur and surrounding regions. Its clientele comprises top dignitaries and commoners alike. Megha is acknowledged as a caring brand.            Megha’s rapid growth in the recent past is testimony to the emphasis we lay on upgrading medical specialities and technology. The world of medical care is making giant strides. To keep pace with the latest developments we need to constantly remain on our toes. Capital expenditure on the latest medical technology and equipment has become a protocol at Megha. So is the enhancement of medical skills of our experts and para-medical staff. We are committed to recruiting, retaining and developing a diverse team of talented professionals.   The domain of medical care permits no scope for complacency. New health challenges warrant that we keep adding to our repertoire of professional skills and resources. For me, medical care is not just a profession. It’s a calling and a mission where the heart often plays a role more vital than the mind. To alleviate the suffering of patients from different diseases Megha is planning to add to its bed capacity. Cancer patients often find treatment abroad a major drain on their resources; families of the suffering patients are often driven to ruination. Along with this, there will be a mother-and-child section. Another welcome addition to Megha goes beyond mere obstetrics, gynecology, neonatology, anesthesia, general & laparoscopic surgery, cosmetic surgeries and genetic & fetal medicine. La Femme considers a woman a very special person with special needs. I foresee Norvic International Hospital emerging as a medical hub in the region sooner than later.     Mr. Kishwor Bikram Malla Patron and Founder Chairman


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